Chenille Stitching Foot

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<p> Makes it easy to embellish beautiful chenille effects.&nbsp;For beginners as well as for experienced quilters and sewers.</p>

Other information

<p> 1. Thread with sewing thread on top and in the bobbin. 2. Use a minimum of three layers of chenille strips, 5/8&rdquo; wide (16 mm) wide, for a beautiful effect. Place the strips in to the presser foot.<br /> 3. Snap on the Chenille Foot.<br /> 4. Place the fabric that will be embellished under the presser foot and the strips.<br /> 5. Select a straight stitch, a zigzag stitch or a three step zigzag stitch. Select short stitch length and a narrow stitch width,1,5 &ndash; 2.<br /> 6. Sew with a slow speed. The Chenille Foot will guide the strips onto the fabric where you want to have the chenille effect. For extra stability use Tear-Away Stabilizer underneath.<br /> 7. Add strips in rows if desired to complete your project.<br /> 8. Machine wash project on cold cycle, dry warm.<br /> <br /> Alternative method: Spray with water, rub with stiff brush to fray thread, and dry with hair dryer.<br /> Pre-cut Chenille Bias Tape in various colors is available at your local dealer.</p> <div> &nbsp;</div>

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