Clear View S Foot

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For Omnimotion stitches, Scallop stitches or  4 way stitches. Makes beautiful borders or edgings on your table cloths. A clear center portion for good visibility while sewing.

Other information

1. Thread with sewing thread or decorative thread on top and sewing thread or bobbin thread in the bobbin.
2. Snap on the Clear View S - Foot.
3. To insure a straight line of stitching draw a center line on the fabric with your Pictogram Pen where the center of the stitching will be.
4. Select a stitch from the K menu – Omnimotion stitches, H menu – Scallop Stitches.
5. Place the fabric with Tear-Away Stabilizer under the presser foot. Lower the needle into the marked line. Sew carefully and let the machine control the feeding. Ocassionally, touch the Stop button. The machine should stop with the needle on the marked line. If it is off slightly, reposition the fabric so you are back on the marked line.
6. If you are sewing a scallop edge cut fabric outside the scallop.
7. Tear away the stabilizer.

and for ORCHIDEA™, #1+, 1250, #1 and 1200 machines.

Works with machine:

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