HUSKYLOCK™ Join and Fold Edging Foot

Item #: 620097396
Use the Join and Fold Edging foot to hem the fabric edge and attach lace at the same time.

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To Use: 
1. Set the machine for Coverstitch, wide.
2. Use the default stitch settings. Adjust if needed.
3. Snap on the Join and Fold Edging foot.
4. Slide the raw edge of the fabric right side up, into the fabric guide (illustration 1).
5. Slide the fabric to the back underneath the presser foot and the needles.
6. Insert the lace into the right lace guide and pull a lace tail about 1” (2.5cm) behind the foot
(illustration 2). Use tweezers if needed.
7. Lower the presser foot. Hold the fabric in your left hand and the lace in your right hand
and start to sew.
Note: Adjust the screw on the guide to adjust the stitch position if needed.

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