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Join our talented Education Specialists at a store near you for inspiration, tips and techniques that will take your sewing to a whole new level!

Don't own a HUSQVARNA VIKING® machine?  Please join us!  It's the perfect way to experience the amazing features and see what being a part of our family is all about.

Meet our talented Event Sewing Specialists!


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The Sewing Party

Join thousands of DIY’ers for a fun-filled day of sewing and crafting classes taught online by leading bloggers and educational experts. PLUS, have access to ALL classes for 90 days AFTER the event on Noveber 8th. Visit for details. Let's PARTY!

DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ Sewing & Embroidery Celebration!

Sewing and embroidery can be so much fun, and we want you to experience it firsthand! Spend 3 fun filled hours with a HUSQVARNA VIKING® event "edutainer" playing with the exclusive features of this amazing sewing and embroidery machine. As you are guided through the state-of-the-art features of the DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ you'll complete a project that showcases some of the techniques you learned, and have fun while learning, too. Take your finished project home the same day and enjoy!

DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ -- You're invited to experience our newest gem!

You're invited first-hand to experience some of the most exciting innovations in the industry. Sewing and Embroidery enthusiasts have been waiting for it and now HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER RUBY Royale™ is ready for you.  Sign up for 3 hours of fun and inspiration as one of our Event Specialists shows you exclusive sewing and embroidery technology that will take your sewing to the next level. Rediscover your passion while learning techniques that use innovative built-in features. Create something for all the people in your life-- they will love you for it.  Come see for yourself!

Quilting with Embroidery 

Have you browsed quilting magazines and been amazed by the variety, intricacy, and special effects of the embroidered quilts you see? Have you wondered if you could do the same incredible work? Wonder no more! Come join our event with a HUSQVARNA VIKING® Event Specialist and learn how to combine quilting with embroidery! Have fun learning awesome techniques on one of our HUSQVARNA VIKING® embroidery machines. Be inspired to create your own beautifully embroidered quilt.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® 6D™ Embroidery Software

The new 6D™ Embroidery Software will inspire you to dream, to design, and to create beautiful personalized embroideries . . . unique projects that will awe and inspire your friends and family. Innovative features make it all possible, faster and more intuitive than ever to customize every project you create. Spend 3 hours at this lecture/demo with one of our fabulous HUSQVARNA VIKING® event specialists ...You won't believe where the software will take you.

TruEmbroidery™ Software for Mac® - Let's meet up online!

Plan on meeting up with us every month online for a 3 hour TruEmbroidery™ Software for Mac® exploration! Learn how to make your mouse more magical than ever before. TruEmbroidery™ Software offers everything you need to set your imagination free and create endless embroidery wonders. Online – from your home, office or studio – you'll view this complete embroidery software system designed specifically for Mac® computers. Then plan your visit to a HUSQVARNA VIKING® dealer for your own TruEmbroidery™ Software for Mac®.

Girls Day Out

Let's get together and play! A HUSQVARNA VIKING® Event Specialist is coming to your area to celebrate sewing with you. You will get to play on a HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine, experience firsthand all the fabulous features, and learn some great new techniques. Our goal is for you to have fun, take a break from your hectic life, meet up with like-minded sewers, and sew on a DESIGNER DIAMOND Royale™ sewing and embroidery machine.

Serging Forward, with Speed and Ease!

Have you ever wondered why you need a serger? Have you ever admitted that a serger can be just the least bit intimidating? Well no more! We'll take the mystery out of serging, and show you just how fast and easy it is to make complete projects with a HUSQVARNA VIKING® serger. Learn quick time-saving techniques that will transform your sewing projects with a professionally finished look. By the end you will be saying, "How did I ever live without a serger?"

HUSQVARNA VIKING® Long arm quilting - Stand Up! Sit Down! Quilts Abound!

Discover the many long arm quilting options that HUSQVARNA VIKING® has to offer! How many quilt tops do you have stacked in your closet? How many new ideas have you been collecting for quilts that you now want to make a reality? Well it's time to learn how fast and easy it is to actually finish those quilts . . . beautifully! Learn about quilting made easy with our PLATINUM™ 3000 quilting machine, the QuiltSewClever™ II automated quilter, or the new PLATINUM™ 16 sit down quilting machine. The options are boundless!

Sit down with the PLATINUM™ 16 & SAPPHIRE™ 960Q

A quilter's dream! Come experience the HUSQVARNA VIKING® PLATINUM™ 16 Sit Down Quilting machine along with the SAPPHIRE™ 960Q . . . the perfect combination for any quilter who wants to create quilts from start to finish. See how easy it is to embellish quilts using all the features of the SAPPHIRE™ 960Q, with a choice from over 300 stitches. The PLATINUM™ 16 allows you the freedom to finish any size quilt top from the comfort of your own home, with impressive results from any sewing room space — big or small.


In this lecture/demo you'll gain valuable insight into how the correct HUSQVARNA VIKING® accessories, INSPIRA® stabilizers and needles will enhance your sewing experience. Learn the proper use of stabilizers in combination with needles, thread and various fabrics. See the beautiful and inspiring Trunk Show samples personally crafted by the Event Specialist, who will explain how the aftermarket products were incorporated in their samples. Get professional answers to all of your questions on the spot.

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